Diagnostic Evaluations & Testing

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Diagnostic Evaluations & Testing

ADHD or Learning Disability?

Email inquires to: neuropsychologyPSC@mx. uillinois.edu

Autism Spectrum screenings and evaluation services are moving to TAP at Christopher Hall in September 2014.

Health Alliance, Health Link, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and other local health insurances managed by Community Partners Health Plans are accepted.


Have you noticed that your child is struggling to keep up with others in the classroom? Are you finding that you have difficulty staying on task at work? Are you distracted? Overwhelmed? Unable to meet the demands placed on you? Assessments help us to determine the root of these challenges, and we offer solutions to these problems.

What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?

A neuropsychological assessment is a battery of tests designed to help us identify your level of functioning in multiple areas (e.g., cognitive, emotional, and social). We integrate testing results with current and past symptoms, observations, information about developmental, biological, social, educational, and life experiences to discover your personal strengths and weaknesses. Testing takes place over several sessions in order to obtain a clear picture of your cognitive, social, and emotional profile. Once we have identified specific areas that you may need help in, we meet to discuss diagnoses and recommendations.

The support of The Illinois Autism Program (TAP) in training PSC staff in conducting autism spectrum evaluations is very much appreciated.